Collaboration Content

Course Development Autonomous driving data collection and processing Autonomous driving simulation Simulation scenario construction Training Base Construction Intelligent connected vehicle hardware-in-the-loop training laboratory Intelligent connected vehicle driver-in-the-loop training laboratory Intelligent connected vehicle V2X-in-the-loop training laboratory Intelligent connected vehicle-in-the-loop training base onstruction Competition Support Technical/Industry Resource Sharing

Cooperation Value

Improve Enrollment Competitiveness
Intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) virtual simulation is in line with the national development. By adding such courses, schools can ride on the fast-growing trend of this popular industry, and improve their enrollment competitiveness.
Ensure Graduate Employment Rate

51Sim has already been deployed in over 60 automotive manufacturers and other related upstream and downstream companies, as well as 25 vocational schools, with the highest number of domestic use cases. After graduation, students have many choices. They can put into use what they have learned in school and become skilled workers immediately. It is a great way to ensure the employment rate.

Make Teaching More Interesting
By providing a software and hardware integrated training and experimental system, theoretical teaching can be perfectly combined with practical operation, which enhances students' learning enthusiasm. Through practical training and experiments, schools' industry-university-research capabilities can also be improved.
Enhance School Popularity

By serving as the software provider and competition task provider, we have successfully co-organized various national competitions for college students, including competitions for ICV, artificial intelligence, and supported 1000+ teams, hundreds of vocational colleges and enterprises, and over 5000 participants. We have rich experience in dealing with various events, and can help schools quickly achieve good results, which can help enhance their popularity in the industry.

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