Intelligent Driving and Robot Simulation Platform - SimOne

SimOne Introduction

SimOne is a full-stack simulation service independently developed by 51Sim, which consists of standard products + customized solutions, and it is an autonomous driving simulation and test platform integrating static and dynamic data import, test scenario case editing, sensor simulation, dynamic simulation, visualization, test and playback, virtual data set generation, and in-loop test. It is deeply integrated with customer products, customized, and customized to create "own" products for customers!

Closed-Loop Data and Synthetic Data Platform - DataOne

Dataverse Introduction

Dataverse is a data platform developed for autonomous driving simulation testing. The platform has the capabilities of data cleaning, data calculation, data management, data visualization, data statistics, etc., to help autonomous driving realize a data-driven simulation closed-loop.

Synthverse Introduction

Syntheverse is a synthetic data platform that can meet the synthetic data needs of different usage scenarios and AI training. Syntheverse can automatically generate 3D scenes based on high-precision maps, restore specific scenes with high fidelity through 3D reconstruction technology, and use scene editing generalization tools to generalize dynamic and static elements of 3D reconstructed scenes, improving scene coverage.

Transportation Information Modeling - TIM

TIM Introduction

Transportation Information Modeling (TIM) is a comprehensive application platform for optimizing and improving the operational efficiency and safety of the transportation system through the comprehensive use of digital twins, big data, big models, artificial intelligence technology and other advanced means. It aims to provide auxiliary decision-making for planning, construction and management so that participants can better understand, analyze, optimize and use the transportation system.

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